There we go ! After 13 years inside the game industry as a 3D Modeler, Shader Artist, Environment Artist, Technical Artist, Technical Art Director, I have had the chance to become a freelancer. So I started to develop tools to boost myself. But why should I keep them for myself? So I founded a company:

Throughout my career I have had the incredible chance to meet, learn from, and manage really talented people from all over the world and some of them have accepted to help me in this adventure. Sam, Fred, Audrey, Regis, Seb, Stephane, Gary, Cedric I would like to thank all of them because not one of them told me : “No, we don’t want or we can’t help you, man!”

To complete this team of artists  I had to find a brutal coder. One of the coders who is able to do everything. This guy would have to turn my scripts into a software with a wonderful interface. I contacted my friend Marsel Khadiyev, CEO and founder of Ephere Inc [Father of Zookeeper, Ornatrix, Lucid Fluid …]. Marsel was kind enough to provide me a good contact: Volodymyr Dubovyi is the key coder behind our first upcoming software.

What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.

Ralph Marston

This quote could be the leitmotiv of Onikanabo as we will try to improve tomorrows everyday tasks of CgArtists.

  • We want to simplify workflows.
  • Turn some repetitive tasks to a single one.
  • Boost and increase user’s creative skills tenfold.

At this moment our first software is almost finished and we will be proud, excited, and a little bit afraid as well to share it with you.

We hope you will like it.

We will now need your help if we want to improve it further or we will have to keep it private if success never comes.

I personally hope that our first software will change the way people think about user interface and shortcuts. And I wish maybe that Autodesk teams will integrate it to 3DSMax and or Maya as they did with Polyboost, Ephere’s tech, etc …