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July 14 V0.65 – Available soon !

#Installer : Max 2020 Beta Testers encounter problem at installation. [Keyhydra being installed in 2020 folder even if 2019 is specified].
#Installer : Since Win10 Spring update KeyHydra can’t be uninstalled from “settings” anymore.
#Shortcuts : Macro ID fixer “all” is currently broken [Single macro ID fixer still working].
#Shortctus : Original Key behaviour ” Ctrl + Z do not work if Z is set to “original key behaviour”
#Shortcuts : AZERTY profile is currently having some error in Keycode [fix was provided by Trebor user].
#Lazercut : If you add InsetSG as an instance to multiple objects some of the objects disappear if you change the amount slider.

July 14 V0.64 – Released

#Lazercut Inset SG Modifier : Solver Explicit Normal. [Not Edit Normal – Real in mesh normal]
+Lazercut : Preset Tab
+Lazercut : Preset Tab now deseapear correctly when collapsed.
+Shorctuts : New Experimental macros

+Buisness : Added Messenger Chat to the shop.

+Marketing : Added 2 new video on Vimeo and Youtube [InsetSG In Depth].

July 08 V0.63 – Released

+Lazercut : Solved Make Root instance.
+Lazercut : Added a Red Dot to help understand wich Cutter type is the active one.
+Lazercut : Added Cutter Mode [no need to click the ui everytime user drop a cutter].
+LazerCut : Added Shift Clone as instance for cutters.
+LazerCut : Added All Keyhydra Modifiers do support “Save Preferences”
#Lazercut : Fixed Remove cutters scripts for 2019.
#Lazercut : Fixed safe bounding box bug [cutter not going through entire object].

+Shortcuts :  Learning Interface have been re designed to ensure compatibility with the new Next shortcut system.
+Shortcuts :  New experimental macros have been added.

+Buisness: Improved Onikanabo.com performance due to traffic too high.



July 01 V0.61 – Released

+Licensing : Added NodeLock support.

+Lazercut : Added InsetSG Modifier 2.0 [With profile, presets, userprefs, etc …].

+Buisness : Renewed SSL Certificate.
+Buisness : License have been clarified on the shop page.

+Marketing : InsetSG trailer is out.
+Marketing : Inset SG video showcasing compatibility with triangulated models is out.

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