[New Video]LazerCut 2.0

New Video : Lazercut 2.0 LazerCut 2.0 Sneak PeekWe just finished "Keyhydra LazerCut" 2.0 and are ready for release. we do have eard and implemented all the users request received

[New Video]Why should we use KeyHydra Multitaps Shortcuts

New Video : Why should we use KeyHydra Multitaps Shortcuts Time is MoneyMains advantages of KeyHydra are : "Time saving", "Speed", "Confort" and "Accuracy". This video is showing to 3D

Good things are happening !

Lot of good things are happening currently ``Thanks to all of you``Since "Keyhydra LazerCut" Launch, lot of good things happened to us. We were contacted by some really good companies

A fresh new beginning !

There we go ! After 13 years inside the game industry as a 3D Modeler, Shader Artist, Environment Artist, Technical Artist, Technical Art Director, I have had the chance to