Lot of good things are happening currently

Since “Keyhydra LazerCut” Launch, lot of good things happened to us. We were contacted by some really good companies out there including Rocksteady studio wich is now using “KeyHydra” inside their offices. Here at Onikanabo we really do respect this great team, not because they do use our tools, but because they are one of the best video game team out there, mostly known for all the last Batman Ip Games Including : Arkham Knight, VR, and Arkam Asylum. All the clients we have actually remind us, that what we do is usefull.

With this new post i want to thanks again all our clients for the support and great feedbacks they provided. This make me want to improve everything again and again.

My world is brighter and more beautiful because of you. Thank you.


This quote define our current state of mind.

  • We’re currently re-working the communication arround KeyHydra Core
  • We’re doing a new really nice video showing what can be achieved with Multitap.
  • And we’re still improving our tools based on user’s feedbacks

At this moment our 2nd Keyhydra module is almost finished and should be released this  Monday 9th of August 2017